Welcome to Saskatchewan Angel Dresses

It is heart breaking to lose a baby…. it is even more devastating to discover there is nothing available to dress this little angel in for a final farewell.

We accept donations of wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, grad gowns (all colors welcomed), then use the material to create Angel Dresses. The Dresses are then distributed to hospitals throughout Saskatchewan and gifted to grieving families at no cost.

After having a niece, nephew, and son who have lived for the first part of their lives in the NICU, in Regina, Saskatoon, and Edmonton, and having a recent angel baby, I thought I could make something special out of a beautiful dress, help make someone’s day a touch better when their heart is breaking, The response here in Saskatchewan has been amazing, and several times while picking up the dresses, I cried many happy tears because of the generosity!

Please feel free to sign up for a membership and upload your latest designs. Images will be reviewed for security so your image may not appear automatically…