Other Angel Projects

As a result of Saskatchewan Angel Dresses being such a huge success, many other ideas and projects have developed within our group of volunteers.

Angel Project Contact person
Angel Dresses Becky Panter
Tulle Angels Michelle Wheeler
Angel Dolls Alicia Richels, Dee McCarthy, Liz Weibe
Angel Blankets Sue LaRochelle
Angel Jewelry Diane Gurski Virgo, Cathy Jorgensen
Memorial Pendants Becky Panter
Tutu Project Jasmin St Germain, Azure Horejsi Zajonz
Super Hero Project  volunteer needed

Angel Jewelry

“My darling Angel, forever in my heart”
Memory bracelets for mom and baby. Mom bracelet has an angel charm and baby feet charm and is made with memory wire so will fit most wrist sizes. Baby bracelet has a heart charm is made with wire so can be easily wrapped around the wrist or ankle.

Angel jewelryAngel jewelry2


Tulle Angels

Looking for volunteers that would be able to make Tulle angels to send with the Angel dresses and to use as a fundraiser for Saskatchewan Angel Dresses to provide funds for NICU, families in need with sick children, supplies for seamstresses where required, funding for smaller hospitals in the province to help kids, etc.

Details for funding will come following the creation of a non-profit organization. If you are interested in making the angels please contact one of the seamstresses in your city to get the tulle from their dresses to start working. There is no set pattern for the angel ornaments, use your imagination and creativity!

tulle angel 1 tulle angel 2 tulle angelangel ornaments


Tutu Project: We have A LOT of tulle and if it could make one sick little girl happy, its worth it


pink tutupurple tutu tutu4tutu 3

Super hero Project: If we have tutus to give sick girls, we need super hero capes for sick boys.


Angel Blankets

the angel blankets are a 3×3 layette sized blanket made from a donated dress with maybe a flannel or something soft and cozy for the back for slightly older infants/children that pass away.

angel blanket angel blanket3 angel blanket 2

Angel Dolls

more to follow


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